You Tube at Hakua47&Goryu

Before you head to Hakuba Goryu, check and see the snow and actions going on at Hakuba

Hyper Dia

Train schedule finder that helps you to fine best route
Its not always easy to get around Japan. The trains are efficient and on-time, but only problem is that there are so many options and routes. This service called Hyper Dia allow travelers to search for the most time efficient way to get one place to another in English, Chinese and Japanese. You can use the service on PC or download the application on you Android smart phones or iphone.


Find sushi, tempura, or other favorite restaurants near by
When you are on a move, deciding were to eat can be a problem. While you need to be on time for the train, you also do not want to compromise on you food. This service will guide you to find the right place and be on time. Search is available in English, Chinese, and Korean,

Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists

No more getting lost in the Tokyo subway maze.
Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists is a free application officially provided by Tokyo Metro to enable users to search transfer information for the Tokyo Subway network