Hakuba is one of the largest and most popular alpine resorts in Japan, having already hosted the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games and the annual FIS World Cup races. Hakuba offers more terrain, vertical rise and advanced ski or snowboard slopes than anywhere in Japan. Due to its abundant snow falls and pristine ski conditions, Hakuba is a world class ski destination offering unparalleled alpine opportunities to all those who visit.
Our snow resort is beautiful and comfortable. We have various type of ski runs with 920m altitude difference
Any level skiers have fun with 1,500m total length ski run. Beginner can safely and comportably practice at our snow park.
With a variety of runs, 47 our resort is enjoyable for beginner and advanced skiers! Skiing is available till beginning of May. (Golden Week) at the foot of Hakuba.
With lots of items and activities, you can enjoy swow very much. Skiing is available till beginning of May (Golden Week) at the foot of Hakuba. Hot springs 11 hot springs including Juro-no yu, Hakuba gensen-no-yu and Ryujin-no-yu, in Hakuba. Sakura Sakura: There are more than 100 year-old sakura trees in Hakuba. Sake and Wine There are more than 80 breweries in Nagano Prefecture, the second most in Japan. Unfortunately sake from Nagano is not so famous domestically, as production levels are low, thus finding any one specific brand in stores can be difficult. This does not mean Nagano's sake is not of high quality. In fact, there are many delicious brands of sake in Shinshu, and local brands there are gaining popularity. Good vine is necessary for good wine. Nagano prefecture has the proper natural condition to grow vine and Nagano is the No.1 prefecure for vine for wine. Visitors can visit high quality winery in Nagano.

Kotomiyama trekking with 360 panorama view

The trekking course starts from altitude 1,676m, Jizo-no-kashira and end at the top of Kotomiyama, altitude 2,007m. You can enjoy breathtaking panorama views during trekking, such as Goryu mountains, Hakuba three mountains, southern Alps. With clear weather, you can even see Mt, Fuji from there. The leaves turn in autumn.

Hakuba Goryu Botanical Garden

Just after snow melt begins, flowers in Hakuba tells us that spring is coming. Gentle spring brings you hope with bright trees and smells of nature. You can enjoy some leading Alpine plants of Japan in Hakauba. Hakuba goryu alpine plants garden is the place you can easily enjoy those alpine plants.
Zip Line Fly through the forest like you are Tarzan! A refreshing and thrilling experience. Tree House This is the smelly of nature! See different kinds of plants and insects. Feel nature with your five senses! Mini SL & Shinkansen You can ride a mini SL and mini Shinkansen that looks like real ones. Let's have fun with various Play at river & catch fish by hand You can plat at the natural safe pool and catch fish by hand. This is one of the popular activities among kids and adults.

Nagano Apple & Delicious Soba

World famous "Nagano Apple"! Let's try apple picking! You can make your "ONLY" apple jam. Delicious soba in Hakuba is made of buckwheat and sonwmelt from Alps. Why don't you experience to make soba?