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We'd like you to visit Japan and have a wonderful snowboarding and ski holiday. Hakuba Goryu Tourism Association is consortium of hospitality units located in Hakuba Goryu Japan, and are fully committed to fulfill your needs for visitors from all over the world. We also understand the concerns as Muslim guests such as food etc. Our partners are geared to make your stay in Japan the most comfortable and memorable one.

We would like to assure our visitors will have a comfortable time while in Japan. If you have plan to visit Hakuba Goryu Japan, please contact us for any assistance. Hakuba Goryu Tourism Association members as one team, are prepared to make your holiday a wonderful time.

Partners listed are well versed with Muslim requirements so please feel at home at Hakuba Goryu!
We look forward to seeing you in Hakuba.

Sincerely yours,

All staff of Muslim Friendly Project

Hakuba Goryu Ski & Snowboard Map


Hakuba Valley

The Hakuba Valley is a huge expanse of resorts offering an incredible variety of terrain for skiers and snowboarders alike. Situated in the heart of the Japan Alps, the alpine scenery is truly spectacular with huge rugged peaks towering above the town below. From one end of the valley to the other and with 10 resorts accessing over 200 runs, Hakuba is the skiing meccaof Japan. From the southern end of the valley Sun Alpina incorporates 3 ski areas to the linked resorts of Hakuba 47 and Goryu-Toomi and the Olympic ski resort of Happo-One situated in the heart of Hakuba. To the northern end of the valley, Iwatake, Tsugaike, Norikura and Cortina resorts are all impressive and rate highly amongst skiers and boarders alike.
JR ticket counter
Tokyo Station 'Shinkansen' ticket counter
Narita Express to Tokyo Station
Nagano Shinkansen (bullet Train) to Nagano
Express Bus to Hakuba(bus stop No.6)
Hakuba Goryu Operation Center (JR Kamishiro Stn.)
JR Ooito line
Chuo Expressway
Hakuba is located around 300kms northwest of Tokyo, in the heart of the Japanese Northern Alps. The valley incorporates 10 ski resorts, over 200 runs,139 lifts, huge towering peaks, a local village, ski/snowboard shops, a combination of traditional or western dining and après entertainment. This combination of facilities, tradition, and an annual snowfall average of over 11 meter's makes Hakuba the perfect destination for your next ski holiday. Hakuba is part of the Nagano prefecture Japan, which, if you can remember that far back, played host to the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. Hakuba hosted the ski jumping event (stadium still stands) as well as the super G and some downhill skiing. The Olympics left a good infrastructure in area, making it easy to go on day trips other areas. They also left a thriving après ski scene in Hakuba, where there is no shortage of international restaurants, bars, and traditional Japanese onsens (natural hot springs).

Hakuba From Airports

From Haneda (Tokyo) Airport (Approx. 3hrs. to Hakuba)
Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station; Tokyo Station (Nagano bullet train:
SHINKANSEN) to Nagano Station; Nagano Station (express bus) to Hakuba.

From Nagoya Airport (Approx. 4.5 hrs. to Hakuba)
Nagoya Airport (bus) to Nagoya Station; Nagoya Station (JR Chuo Saisen Line) to Matsumoto Station; Matsumoto Station (JR Oito Line) to Kamishiro Station.

From Kansai (Osaka) Airport (Approx. 6.5 hrs.)
Kansai Airport (JR line) to Shin-Osaka Station; Shin-Osaka Station (Nagoya bullet train: Shinkansen) to Nagoya Station; Nagoya Station (JR Chuo Saisen Line) to Matsumoto Station; Matsumoto Station (JR Oito Line) to Kamishiro Station.
PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to take less expensive trains between Tokyo and Hakuba if you have time.

Hakuba By Train

From Tokyo

【Approx. 2hr.19min.】(Nagano Shinkansen "Asama")→ Nagano(Nagano Hakuba line bus)→ Goryu bus stop

From Nagoya

【 Approx.3hr.3min.】Nagoya(Chuo line tokkyu "Shinano")→ Matsumoto(JR Ooito line)→ Hakuba or Kamishiro

From Osaka

【 Approx.4hr.3min.】Osaka(Shinkansen/Chuo line tokkyu "Shinano")→ Matsumoto(JR Ooito line)→ Hakuba or Kamishiro

Hakuba By car

From Tokyo

【 Approx.3hr.40min.】Tokyo(Kanetsu/Joetsu Expressway) → Koushoku/Nagano I.C(. R148/Hakuba/Nagano Olympic Road)→ Goryu 
【Approx.4hr.】Tokyo(Chuo Expressway) → Goryu

From Nagoya

【 Approx.3hr.50min.】Nagoya(Chuo Expressway)→ Goryu

From Osaka

【 Approx.6hr.】Osaka(Meishin/Chuo Expressway)→ Okaya JCT(Nagano Expressway)→ Azumino I.C(. R147・148/Northern Alps
Panoramic Road)→ Goryu


Hakuba Goryu Tourism Association(JR Kamishiro Stn.)

Muslim Friendly Project in Hakuba

22548 Kamishiro Hakuba, Nagano



Kurobe Dam (Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route)

The Kurobe Dam an arched concrete dam of 186 meters high, built at the upper stream of the Kurobe-gawa River is the highest in Japan and is higher than a 50-floor skyscraper. From the dam's observatory, you see a panorama view of the Tateyama Mountain Range and the Northem Alps. Visitors can see the dynamic water discharge at the dam from 26 June to 15 0ctober.

Zenkoji Temple

Zenkoji Temple, designated a national treasure, has a history of over 1400 years and is a must see. It is one of Japan's most revered temples and houses the first image of Buddha brought to Japan in the 7th century. The Buddha image has been kept hidden from the public since 654, only once every six years a duplicate image is displayed to the public. The roof of the Main hall is the largest hinoki-thatched roof in Japan and the streets surrounding the temple are lined with lantern lit shops and tiered roofed stalls and galleries.

Matsumoto Castle

In Japan there are only four castles that have been designated as National Treasures and Matsumoto Castle is one of these. The five-storied donjon is one of the oldest castle structures extant in Japan. Construction of the main donjon began in 1592 when warlords around the country struggled for dominance. Matsumoto City Museum located next to the castle has various displays relating to archaeology, history, and folklore of the surrounding region. These exhibits vividly show the daily life and culture of the past.

Azumino Daiou Wasabi farm

The Daiou Wasabi farm is a Wasabi farm established in 1915 and located in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture near the center of Honshu, the main island of Japan. It is a popular tourist spot due to its beautiful watermills and for the river that runs through it. A restaurant offers wasabi-flavoured ice cream and other Wasabi-themed products. Outside of Japan, the site is best known for its appearance in the 1990 film Dream by world famous director Akira Kurosawa in the segment called "Village of the Watermills".

Japan Alps Kamikochi

Kamikochi is the Crown jewel of the Japanese Alps. The scenic area is a basin at an elevation of l,500 meters. The Alps rise an additiona1 1500 meters from there, creating a stunningly magnificent background with the beautiful aquamarine Azusa River in the foreground. This is a very popular place for mountain trekking,and the traditional starting point is KamikoChi's symbolic bridge, Kappa-bashi. Down river is Taisho Pond whose waters provide picture-perfect reflections of the Hotaka Range. Up river is mystical Myojin Pond. Many tourists just Come for the day, but one of the best ways to enjoy Kamikochi is to spend the night and take an uncrowded evening or early morning stroll.

Snow Monkey (Jigokudani Monkey Hot Spring)

Jigokudani Monkey Hot Spring is situated nearby Kambayashi Onsen at the base of Shiga Kogen. This unique area is home to about 200 wild monkeys who spend their days soaking in the natural hot springs, keeping warm from the harsh winter. The park was opened in 1964 and considered to be the only place in the world to see snow monkeys bathing in the wild. With their thick fur coats, almost human-like faces, and their deep, soulful eyes, the snow monkeys have won the hearts of people worldwide.

Our Activity

We organized our first promotion event in Malaysia on June 15. at Bangi Shopping Complex KL. Our staff were at the promotional booth to introduce Nagano prefecture and & Hakuba to our friends in Malaysia. Nagano & Hakuba Promotion Event in MalaysiaAmong various activities and events at the booth, Japanese green tea tasting and photo shooting were the popular event at the promotion. During the photo shooting, our friends had memorable time wearing real ski wear and taking photos as if there were really at Hakuba. For further info about our event at Bangi Shopping Complex, please visit https://www.facebook.com/BangiGatewaySC